Greg Abbott: Don’t Tread On Me!

I recently saw on a coworker’s truck (of course it was a truck) the following:


Pretty odd campaign slogan for a lifelong politician and the head of the Texas state government – a person who would seemingly embody the government oppression that he simultaneously decries to idiots and supporters to keep himself in power.

However, I thought perhaps this version is more appropriate for Mr. Abbott:


No need to thank me, Greg!



Greg Abbott: Champion of Rights

Fresh after having his “necessary” special session of the Texas Legislature collapse without passing an anti-transgender bill (and apparently NOT learning from North Carolina’s ordeals with such), and also objecting to Confederate statues being taken down…


…with Charlottesville’s Nazi and KKK promulgated weekend domestic terror still in mind (because Donald Trump sympathizes and supports the Nazis and KKK members per his statements), Greg Abbott decides he needs to contribute to this dumpster fire by indicating his intent to continue to oppress minority voting in Texas…


That’s Greg Abbott:  Champion for All Texans!

Compare and Contrast: Washington Cartel

Ted Cruz ran as an “outsider” who would go to Washington and tell the truth about how things work in Washington and fight against them (per this self-promotion video he posted):

However, Ted Cruz is just another cog in the big government machine, only seeking to get his while the getting is good:


And, to add even more insult to injury, decided to create his own Amendment to legislation he helped create that he couldn’t support.  The “Cruz Amendment” would do nothing to reduce insurance premiums or costs, and would simply put children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing conditions in plans on their own that would quickly escalate in price and reduce coverage, also known as a “death spiral”.  And people WOULD die.

But that’s just another day in the life of Lyin’ Ted Cruz – Washington Cartel 4life.

Cruz News – July 29, 2017

Propaganda provided by the Ted Cruz US Senate Office.  Responses provided inline…

July 29, 2017


On Thursday, although I voted in favor of moving forward in the process of repealing and replacing Obamacare,

Although there were several bills up for consideration, written in the highest secrecy with Mr. Cruz fully ensconced with the “Washington Cartel” he has so often scoffed, Ted Cruz is known primarily for the “Cruz Amendment” that would largely leave Obamacare intact, but adding the capability of pushing the insurance markets into a death spiral of increasing premiums for the sick, elderly, and those with pre-existing conditions, while increasing useful private insurance policy premiums for everyone.

the Senate was unable to pass a bill that would move this process forward. Fixing the massive failings of Obamacare will not be easy, but I believe in time, that this Congress will honor the promises we made to the American people.

If Obamacare (also known as the Affordable Care Act, or ACA) has been such a massive failure, then why have the increases in private insurance premiums that were predicted without Obamacare been reduced, why has government spending on insurance coverage and subsidies risen at a lower rate, and why are more people covered with insurance policies that allow them to have medical coverage above basic catastrophic care with helps them to be healthier, especially those with chronic conditions?   Hint:  It hasn’t been a failure.

I remain committed to fighting for those in our great state and across the entire nation who are being hurt by this failed law – the single moms, the truck drivers, the steel workers, all of whom are trying to make ends meet and provide for their families. For the millions of hardworking men and women who have had their hours forcibly reduced to less than 30 hours a week, and the small businesses that cannot expand beyond 50 employees. For the millions of Americans who lost their doctors, who have had their plans cancelled, or who have seen their health insurance premiums skyrocket.

None of these things have happened.  These are scare tactics and anecdotes.  

As for losing doctors, having plans cancelled, and seeing health insurance premiums “skyrocket”, all of these things have been diminished with the ACA/Obamacare greatly compared to what levels they would have occurred without it.  

Additionally, “Obamacare” is nothing more than a regulatory framework for laying out what an insurance company must cover, how they must compete and participate in the exchanges, and in designating both subsidies and groups that may be eligible for other insurance programs, such as Medicaid, Medicare, or CHIP.  

As anyone who has had private employer based insurance has experienced, your employer CONSTANTLY adjusts its contributions to your coverage, may change insurers at any time, prescription coverage and copayments, and policies offered.  Any of these impact your access to doctors (who may or may not participate in your employer’s plan), premiums and copayments (which always increase in our private insurer based healthcare system), or even having coverage at all.

This is called “job lock in”.  Making insurance a marketplace that individuals can purchase coverage from independently allows for individuals to not be tied to employment situations where these things happen and must be tolerated by employees, and it also allows for benefits such as individuals being able to start their own businesses  (which Cruz and his fellow Republicans claim to be for) or change jobs more easily.  

We must work to lower premiums, and make healthcare more personal, portable, and affordable for all Americans.

Obamacare/ACA already does this and more.  

However, none of the Republican proposals, especial the Cruz Amendment would do this.  In fact, the CBO has found repeatedly that all of the Republican proposals would serve to deny citizens the ability to obtain insurance, increase costs to those with pre-existing conditions (if they could even get insurance under these proposals), and to kick children, the elderly, and the disabled off of Medicare and Medicaid due to nearly $1 TRILLION in program cuts…all in order to provide a tax cut to the top 1% of incomes.

This week, I also had the opportunity to visit with members of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)

Of course he visited with them – they contributed at least $1,041,810 to him.

and the Farm Credit Bank of Texas.

Senator Cruz visited with the bank because the banking industry is one of his biggest contributors.  The finance and banking industry contributed at least $2,551,051 to him in 2016.

In Texas, we know it’s the small businesses and the private sector, not the government that creates good paying jobs. Expanding these opportunities continues to be one of my top priorities in the Senate.

Average salary of US Government employees: $51,340 in 2012.

Average salary of small businesses: $41,782 for companies with 50 to 99 employees, $35,801.23 for companies between 5 and 19 employees.

Average salary of private sector employees: $43,980 in 2011.

Which group has the bigger salaries again?  Senator Cruz lies again.

If, unlike Senator Cruz, you’ve worked anywhere in the economy BESIDES Congress and the Justice department, your wages have stayed stagnant and have realistically gone down due to inflation and increasing costs of consumer goods.  As such, I’d stick with the numbers above as being indicative of where wage values are currently for the three groups Senator Cruz called-out.

Please read below for an update from this week.

Keep Texas Strong,

At least he didn’t sign it “For Liberty”…

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Ted Cruz